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Throughout its work, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission has signed the following agreements:

APRODEH Agreement
CAAAP Agreement
CEAS Agreement
Agreement with the CNDDHH Psychosocial Care Center
Population Promotion and Development Center - CEPRODEP Agreement
CIPA Agreement
COMISEDH Agreement
Andean Jurists Commission Agreement
National Evangelic Council Agreement
Peruvian Press Council agreement
University Consortium Agreement
Human Rigths National Coordination Entity Agreement
The Ombudsman´s Office Agreement
Edhucasalud Agreement
Bartolomé de las Casas Agreement
Radio and Television National Institute of Peru Agreement
IDS - TV Cultura Agreement
MENADES Agreement
Mental Health Table Agreement
Ministry of Education Agreement
Ministry of Internal Affairs Agreement
Prosecutor´s Office Agreement
Cooperation Agreement with the Special Prosecutor´s Office
National Identification and Civil Status Registry - RENIEC Agreement
Terra Networks S.A. Agreement
TRAMAS Agreement
Transparency Agreement

RCP agreement
REDINFA Agreement
Agreement with the Development of Social Sciences Network

Common Burial Exhumation Work Joint Platform
Regional Agreements