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Executive Secretariat

The Executive Secretariat is the organ assisting the Commission’s work. It is also the main organ charged with administrative management and execution of programs approved by the commissioners at large. It is made up by an executive secretary and officials from different disciplines and professional backgrounds.
Executive Secretary is Javier Ciurlizza Contreras, a Master in Economic International Policies; ex Secretary General of the Andean Jurists Commission (1997-2000) and ex Head of Cabinet of the Ministry of Justice (2000-2001).

Mental Health Team

Mental Health is a pervasive component of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Our main objective is designing and developing a psychosocial proposal addressing the emotional impact the truth Commission process will have, favoring the development of said process.
From this perspective, we try to highlight, on one hand, the subjective aspects and internal dynamics of the individual or group and, on the other hand, the ways in which the individual, family and social dimensions are interrelated. From this vantage point we can identify simultaneously difficulties and resources. Not only do we address the complexity of the psychosocial conflicts involved in these processes, but we also approach the possibility of presenting alternatives as proposals and recommendations.
We are interested in underscoring how the crimes and human rights violations affect the people’s internal and relational world leaving traces that are recorded and remain latent and that can be expressed in other ways of social violence. Thus, the aim at Mental Health is being able to present strategies not only to address these problems but also to favor the creation of conditions that should promote comprehensive development.
Service to the Team belonging to the Truth Commission is one of our special interests, so as to prevent the emotional impact linked to working in such a painful issue.

Documentation Center

It provides information services to all the teams and areas in the Truth Commission and organizes the documentary stock it generates during its exercise. To facilitate access to information on Truth Commission work issues, service agreements have been established with other institutions which have abundant bibliographic, photographic or press material. The documentary stock is being organized in case, video, audio, photography and others files in archives. This unit’s service is internal. At the end of its mandate, the Truth Commission will hand all its documentary stock to the Ombudsman’s Office, as established in the Decree of its inception.


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