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  • Press Release 170

LUCANAMARCA PEOPLE CLOSED 19 YEAR-OLD MOURNING This morning they buried the victims of a massacre perpetrated by the Shining Path in 1983

This morning the Lucanamarca people closed a mourning it carried for more 19 years. It was after burying 62 of the 69 victims of the massacre that occurred in this place on April 3rd, 1983 at the hands of a Shining Path group.

The funeral Mass started at 9:00 am in the Santiago de Lucanamarca main square. The 64 coffins were located in front of the church and they received Father Feliciano Rivera’s blessing from there. Father Rivera said this Mass.

Commissioners Carlos Ivan Degregori and Alberto Morote; the Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development Vice minister, Enrique Morote; Enrique Cárdenas; PAR head, Isabel Coral, were present in this ceremony, as well as Ayacucho congressman Walter Alejos, who traveled from the city of Lima to accompany the families of these victims and the people of Lucanamarca in this act. Also present were local authorities such as the Lucanamarca mayor Pastor Quincho, a representative of the Mother’s Club in Lucanamarca, from the Huancasancos Peasant Provincial Agrarian Federation and from Anfased.

“We have to ask the people of Lucanamarca forgiveness for having taken so long. The task we carried out was a painful work for us, but made to dignify all these people who can only close their mourning today,” commissioner Carlos Ivan Degregori said, during this ceremony that gathered victims’ families who arrived in this locality coming from Huancasancos, Sancos, Huamanga, Ica and Lima. These relatives recently made up the association of Lucanamarca victims’ families. Its president is Mr. Ezrequiel Tacas.

At the end of the Mass, more than 400 people –among commissioners, families and general public- accompanied the funeral cortege to the Lucanamarca cemetery, located 2 kilometers away from the city center. The 64 coffins were transported to the recently inaugurated graveyard where 69 niches were built to bury the victims of this massacre.

Before the remains were buried, three survivors of this massacre, Marcelina Casavilca, Teofilo Allacuahuaman and Gualberto Tacas addressed those attending to bid the last farewell to their families and neighbors. They thanked the Truth Commission, the Public Prosecutor’s office, the Ombudsman’s Office and the human rights organizations for the support provided to the families. The idea was to have them locate, identify and bury their dead, a fact that has permitted Lucanamarca to start healing its wounds and looking differently to the future.

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